“Our Range” Products

The following products are available:

  • Plain Minces – A selection of plain minces suitable for any breed. All minces are ground to 8mmBuffalo Hearts
  • Carcass, whole pray, offal, treats and bones – A selection of whole pray, offal, treats and bones
  • The Complete Range – Minces “Our Range” of complete meals are made from a blend of nutritious meats, organs, bones, vegetables and supplements  for those owners who would like to more easily feed a raw diet  to their pets.  Suitable for all breeds and sold in various sizes of 500g tub, 1kg tub and 2kg bags
  • Fruit and Vegetable – Simply add to plain minces or whole meat should your pet need an extra boost of antioxidants, fibre and natural vitamins, or if you prefer to monitor how much fruit and vegetable is fed.  All fruit and vegetable mixes have organic virgin coconut oil added.

Please visit our online shop for the selection of products or pop into our shop.  If you would like a copy of the prices sent to you, email us your details and we shall send one over as soon as we can – enquiries@plushpawz.co.uk

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