Pawz-A-Licious Homemade Dog Treats

Our natural homemade treats are a great way to reward good behaviour !!

How it all began?

Having always fed a raw diet to our dogs and seeing more and more ‘processed’ dog treats appearing on the market – decided to try and bake our own so we knew exactly what our dogs were being fed!! Many years on and still baking, friends wanted them to and so the story began – we baked and sold them to anyone who asked. 3 years ago we would occasionally attend a fair and always sold out – much to the disappointment of our dogs waiting patiently at home. So in 2012 we decided it was time that everyone should be able to give their dogs what they deserve and Pawz-A-Licious was launched.

Healthy Ingredients

Many of today’s shop bought dog treats contain a lot of preservatives, sugar and too much salt.  All of which affect our dogs in the same way as they affect us.  We make every effort to keep all the ingredients in Pawz-A-Licious as nourishing and healthy as possible.  We do not use anything in our Pawz-A-Licious range we wouldn’t eat ourselves!

All our ingredients are locally or UK sourced wherever possible.  We only use goats milk, butter and yoghurt, our own free range eggs and organic 100% wholemeal flour.  There is no added sugar or salt.  The fat and naturally-occurring sugar content is low and no preservatives, additives or artificial colourings are added.

If you have a dog with allergies or an intolerance, we will work to find a Pawz-A-Licious recipe to satisfy your dog’s ‘treat’ tooth!


Because our treats are made using only fresh produce they should be used within a few days and kept in an air-tight container, ideally in the fridge.  Alternatively, they can be frozen on the day of purchase and used as needed.

To ensure freshness – you do not need to defrost – your dog will not mind whether his treats are frozen or not!!  If defrosting – use on day of defrosting

Feeding Guide

Our treats can be used as a training aid, treat or reward.  Fresh drinking water should always be available.  When feeding treats, your dog’s food should be reduced so he still gets the same total weight of food each day.  We advise not to feed to dogs under 4 months of age.

How to Buy

The easiest way is to visit our online shop, or alternatively give us a call or send an email to

We know that your dog’s health and well being is important to you but it’s not always easy to find the best products that suit your dog at a reasonable price. That’s why we have hand selected a range of products which we believe represents the very best in terms of quality, effectiveness and price as well as providing your dog with a healthy, natural lifestyle.

Our range of products include:

  • Natural treats – including home baked natural treats
  • Belcando dog food – a natural but complete food for your dog
  • Billy + Margot nutritious iced treats for dogs
  • Leads and collars – kinder to your dog whilst still giving you the control you need
  • Brushes and combs
  • Natural Tropiclean coat-care products
  • Durable, waterproof and good quality beds

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