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Dog Grooming for Puppies in Surrey and Sussex

Grooming your puppy is a really important part of their routine and something they need to enjoy and get used to as early as possible.  When your new puppy arrives or if you’re just thinking about getting a puppy, there is a lot you need to know and do, and at Plush Pawz we can help.


  • FREE introductory visit
  • Puppy’s first full groom
  • Worming, tick and flea routines
  • Microchipping your puppy
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Exercise
  • PuP Club Gift Bag

Your puppy’s free introductory visit

We recommend you bring your puppy to Plush Pawz for his first FREE introductory visit as soon as he is fully vaccinated.  We’ll give you lots of free advice and tips about regular grooming, trimming your puppy’s nails, bathing your puppy and taking care of your puppy’s ears, eyes and paws, as well as his coat.

Your puppy’s first full dog groom

To help get your puppy off to a great start, if you make a booking for a full groom during your introductory visit, we’ll give you our fabulous free Puppy Pack full of goodies when you next come in.

Worming, tick and flea routines

Worming your dog has never been more important but there is an awful lot of confusing advice and treatments available. When your puppy comes for your introductory visit, Plush Pawz can advise you on the best routine and the most healthy and safe treatments as part of your free consultation.

Insuring your dog and joining a kennel club

Insuring your dog may seem expensive but should he fall ill or be injured then a good insurance policy is vital in paying for treatment.  If your dog is a pedigree then there can also be benefits of joining an appropriate kennel club.  With 20 years experience of dog breeding and competing, Plush Pawz can offer you free and impartial advice on this to help you decide what is best for you and your puppy.

Dog microchipping and pet travel

Although not compulsory yet, it’s very important to get your puppy microchipped in case he gets lost, stolen or you want to travel with him.  Our dog groomers are qualified to microchip and at your appointment, they can advise you where to find the most up to date information about the pet travel scheme and what it entails.  But more than that, our groomers will also advise you on “best practice” for travelling with dogs so you avoid a sick or distressed pup right from the start.

Natural and healthy feeding and suitable exercise routines

As well as a comprehensive range of grooming services, Plush Pawz can advise you on a healthy diet for your puppy and supply you with a wide range of raw meat and a selection of natural and healthy, home-baked treats. They can also discuss suitable exercise regimes and should you ever need it, Plush Pawz has a state of the art canine treadmill to help with injury or fitness.  Just call Plush Pawz for free advice and full details.

Give your puppy the best possible start

For advice on caring for your puppy, book your free introductory visit today by calling Plush Pawz on 07947 366841 or email woof@plushpawz.co.uk

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