Plush Pawz FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions which may help you.  If you cannot find your answer, please give us a call and we will be happy to help !

How long will it take to groom my dog?

Each dog is different and has it’s own specific requirements but as a guide a full groom will take around 1 1/2 – 2 hours and a mini groom around 45 mins – 1 hour.  We will give you an estimated time when you drop your dog with us, but will call you approximately 20 minutes from finishing unless agreed otherwise.  We never over book and only ever have one family of dogs in the studio at

How old should my puppy be before he gets his first groom?

We recommend you bring your puppy to Plush Pawz for his first FREE introductory visit as soon as he is fully vaccinated.  This teaches them from a young age that grooming is a pleasurable experience.  In addition, if you make a booking for your puppy’s first full groom during your introductory visit you will qualify for our fabulous free Puppy Pack full of goodies, deliverable during his first groom.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

This varies depending on breed, coat type and groom required but generally they would benefit from a visit to us every 6-10 weeks.  Sometimes with the longer coats every 4 weeks is necessary to keep your dog’s coat matt free and looking fabulous. Regular visits to Plush Pawz will help keep their coat in the best possible condition and our mini-groom is ideal for those in-between visits.   With summer and winter clip-outs the groom can often be timed to last the entire season.

Can you groom my very large dog?

Yes, we are equipped with state of the art equipment that can easily accommodate the largest dog!  Our large bath and grooming tables are adjusted for height via electric motors, so large dogs do not need to be lifted or jump.  We also have no steps or stairs.  Just ask Murphy, one of our Newfoundland clients!

My dog has a short coat, does it need grooming?

Most definitely, all dogs regardless of coat type benefit from being groomed as it stimulates the skin which helps to keep the coat shiny and healthy. Even short-coated breeds benefit from a bath to remove dust and dirt.

Can I stay while my dog is groomed?

We prefer that you do not stay.  You are your dog’s best friend and this can distract your furry friend while you are there.  An owner staying often results in an over-excited dog that is difficult to work with.  Since grooming requires work with scissors & clipper blades (sharp equipment) it is much safer to leave and return at an agreed time.  The local village, Cranleigh is only a couple of miles away with lots of shops and cafes, so why not take some time out and enjoy yourself whilst your dog is being pampered?

What if my dog has matted or tangled hair?

We understand at Plush Pawz that life is busy and sometimes owners just lack time to keep the coat well brushed out between grooms.  We can detangle and work with matting that isn’t too severe but for those whose hair is determined to be too tangled or matted we would advise to have a short hair cut to spare any discomfort and start again.

  • Sores and hotspots: Matting can suffocate the skin causing sores, hotspots and infection.  If we notice these present it is best to remove as much hair as possible to allow the skin to breath and heal.
  • Behaviour: If your dog becomes extremely upset or aggressive with the brushing out and scissoring of matts it may be best to clip shorter to avoid distress or injury.
  • Repeated Dematting: Can eventually cause skin problems as well as damage the hair, making it more likely to tangle. It may be best to start over and then find a shorter style that is easier for you to handle.

What if my dog has fleas?

Dogs that have fleas will need to be washed with our Natural Opti Neem Flea and Tick Shampoo – this will kill the fleas, however you will still need to use a monthly flea control.  The need to use Natural Neem Oil Flea shampoo will add an extra £5 charge to your grooming appointment.

If you do not wish your dog to have a flea bath, for the wellbeing of our other clients, we will require you to collect your dog immediately.