Dog Pedicures

Dog paw and hand shaking

As part of your dog’s grooming, have you checked their paws recently?

Do their nails need trimming?  Are your dog’s paws hairy or have excess hair between the pads?  Or perhaps they have dry and /or cracked pads?

Keeping your dog’s paws in top condition is so important to their overall health and wellbeing but also easily neglected

The dog groomers at Plush Pawz can help and advise you with this crucial part of your dog’s grooming and this in turn can help avoid future problems which can effect fitness and health.

Clipping your dog’s nails

Although your dog may not like it and it’s not always easy, it’s vital to keep their nails trimmed.

Long nails have an effect on your dog’s weight distribution, making them put more weight on the back of their paws increasing the risk of slipping, falling or injuring themselves.

Having un-trimmed nails also makes your dog’s toes part when they walk, allowing all sorts of dirt etc to get between them, making it painful to walk. And, like ours, as their nails continually grow, they could eventually embed in the paw pad….ouch!

Trimming the hair on your dog’s feet

It is also essential to keep the hair beneath the pad of your dog’s paw trimmed. With all the rain, comes dirt and mud which builds up on the excess hair making it very difficult for your dog to walk and sometimes painful, a bit like mud caking on the bottom of your boots or shoes.

Take good care of your dog’s paws with our unique “Pawdicure”

This unique part of our dog grooming package will leave your dog with clean, tidy paws with nourished and treated paw pads.  And what’s more, they’ll love it.

Our Pawdicure treatment includes:

  • Dog nails trimmed
  • Any matted hair between your dog’s toes and pads removed
  • Excess hair beneath the dog paw levelled
  • Your dog’s paws will be soaked in warm water, washed and massaged with our special Paw & Pad Shampoo* to ensure all engrained dirt is removed
  • Your dog’s paw will be dried,trimmed and shaped according to breed standard or your wishes
  • A paw conditioning treatment** is massaged into the pads to finish, which will help protect your dog’s paws from future everyday wear and tear

* Paw & pad shampoo – A brilliant combination of soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins which helps restore and renew dry, cracked and damaged pads.

** Paw conditioning treatment – A blended combination of rich & soothing Shea & Aloe Butters and Pure & Natural Sweet Almond, Grapeseed & Golden Jojoba oils (all ingredients are human grade and luxurious).

It’s easy to over look the condition of your dog’s paws and before you know it problems can build up.  Taking good care of your dog’s paws is not a luxury but an absolute necessity for your dog’s health and well being.

Call us on 07947 36841, email or visit our qualified dog groomers today for a free consultation about the best grooming services for your dog including full details of the Plush Pawz “pawdicure”.

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