Full Groom

Our Full Groom is our most comprehensive grooming package and includes:

  • General Wellness Check
  • Pre-bath preparation – brush through, nail trim, ear clean/pluck, groin, bottom
  • Warm aromatic bath with double shampoo to suit your dogs needs and mini-massage
  • Conditioner and/or detangler, if required
  • Blueberry facial
  • Blow dried by hand
  • Scissor, clip or hand-strip to breed standard or as per your requirements
  • Coat conditioning spray to finish

Prices for the Full Groom depend on the breed of dog and condition of his coat.  As a guide, prices start as follows: Toy and Small breeds from £35, Medium breeds from £40, Large breeds from £45, Extra Large breeds from £60.  Hand-stripping price is available on request.

We may feel one of our additional treatments would benefit your dog, for example dry/flaky skin. Any additional treatment we use during your dogs grooming appointment is at no extra charge to you.

Please note: Our completely natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/parasite shampoos will be charged at £5 per dog