The Original Liver Fudge (Chicken)

PP-Fudge-ChickenThe ‘Original’ Liver Fudge handmade by Pawz-A-Licious at Plush Pawz, since 2006 !

Pawz-A-Licious Liver Fudge is a nutritious, tasty treat like no other, with unique and special ingredients used in no other brand of fudge for dogs. Our Liver Fudge is the ‘Original’ Liver Fudge and sets a high bench mark which we doubt others can match, so make sure you don’t settle for second best!

Due to the success of our liver fudge, it is now available in a variety of flavours using only the best ingredients

We guarantee your dog will ♥ it and it is a perfect reward for training

Keep refrigerated. Suitable for freezing. Should be used on the day of defrosting. Do not refreeze once defrosted.


  • Chicken Liver
  • 100% Organic Wholemeal Flour

This product is also available to buy as a whole slab for you to cut as desired

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