Ear Care

Do you check your dogs ears?

It is important to keep your dogs ears clean and free from hair.  We check all dogs ears as part of our Full and Mini Groom, ears are plucked (with the aid of ear powder) if required, checked and cleaned with cotton wool and our gentle ear drops.

We also offer an Ear Clean service where we will check your dogs ears, pluck any excess hair and clean – prices start from £7

All dogs need to have their ears checked and cleaned regularly to maintain their health & prevent any problems.  In some dogs hair grows down inside the ear canal and this needs to be removed so that air can circulate and to minimise the risk of ear problems.  Other dogs have smooth ear canals without any visual sign of hair growth and breeds with heavy/long ears, are more prone to ear problems.

If we find any problems or are concerned about your dogs ears, we will let you know when you come to collect your dog and can offer advice on what steps you can take.

Do your dog’s ear look like this?

Clean Ear 4

Clean, no hair, no odour = healthy

Or maybe this?

pix #5157Dirty Ear 2 Slight HairDirty Ear 1

If your dog’s ears look similar to any of the above 4 photos, then we would advise that you book them in for our Ear Care treatment as soon as possible – 0845 548 7299