Loyalty ‘n’ Referral Scheme

Pawz Pointz© – the gift of great grooming!

How it works?

You will receive a Loyalty ‘n’ Referral card (one for each dog), together with a handful of referral cards to give out to your friends.  The Pawz Pointz can then be collected from full grooms that your dog has and/or friends that you refer to us.

Loyalty – You will receive 250 Pawz Pointz following every full groom each of your dogs has with us
Referral – You will also receive 250* Pawz Pointz for each referral you successfully send to us

*To receive these pointz, they must have a Full Groom and either hand us a completed referral card or tell us your full name. A referral is the person, regardless of number of dogs and your Pawz Pointz are received after their first full groom.

How to use your Pawz Pointz

Points can be accumulated and used at any time on any future dog grooming service or towards purchases in our shop.  It’s a great new way to save money whilst still ensuring your dog stays in top condition and our way of saying thank you for your continued support and helping you to keep your dog well groomed and healthy.

What a great way to treat your dog to some of our delicious healthy dog treats like our very own Pawzelicious range or Billy & Margot.

So don’t delay, call us today on 0845 548 7299 and book your dog in for a full groom and you’ll soon be well on your way to saving money on your dog’s health and grooming

Plush Pawz – what your dog deserves